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Welcome to Firefly - First look


    About Firefly

    We’ve heard complaints time and time again from our friends who’ve tried every dating app out there. Dating apps and sites have become the same swiping format, limiting who you see and match with. Core functionality of the app is hidden behind a paywall and matching is no longer about personality, but a curated first impression. If you don’t have perfectly selected photos, someone may pass over you without a second thought.

    Dating is hard enough, why put all these obstacles in the way of finding a match?

    That’s where Firefly comes in. We’ve brought back a tried and true format for online dating - quizzes, match percentages, filters, and grid based search. We want you to be seen for who you are, not just the photos you curate.

    Firefly will not have paywall restrictions that limit the usability of our app. Our team is committed to sustainable growth and will ensure that any form of future monetization will not interfere with your overall experience.

    We also want to hear from you, our users! You may have the opportunity to become a beta tester to help us understand what works and what doesn’t.

    Keep reading to take a look at our progress so far.




    Firefly’s user onboarding is ready! Onboarding is the first step to setting up your profile and narrowing your matches. You’ll tell us about yourself, about who you’re looking for, and the region you’re in.


    For our soft launch, users will only be able to find matches if they live in select cities in California. If you live in these cities, you’ll be able to fully complete your profile and start using Firefly.

    We wish we could launch worldwide all at once, but part of our sustainable growth is to target areas where we have interested users. If you live outside our live regions, we encourage you to sign up so you can get a notification when we launch in your area. The regions that have denser numbers will help influence where we go next!

    Profile Page


    The profile page is your home base to adjust your match settings, upload photos, and more! The information you fill out here will help potential matches get to know you. When searching for matches, check out someone’s profile to learn more about them!



    Quizzes are a fun way to determine your compatibility with a potential match. As of now, our four quiz categories are Romantic, Sexual, Lifestyle, and Fun. You’re able to answer questions, select answers that are acceptable for a potential match to have, and rate how important the question is to you. Some questions are silly while others may be more important depending on what you're looking for.

    Quizzes will be the main influence on match percentages. Firefly’s matching algorithm is ready to go and will get better over time based on user feedback.

    Stay Connected

    We believe the best products are made with community interaction. Invites to help test features of the app will be sent out slowly over the next few weeks. We will continue to share progress updates and blog posts with insight into our timeline for launch and monetization plans.

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